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AirPin Anouncement

Published: 2012-07-29 10:23


WaxRain Tech.


AirPin Icon Windows PC Receiver Windows PC Receiver AirPinPcReceiver.exe 5.0.5
AirPin Icon Android TV Receiver Professional Android TV Receiver Professional AirPin_PRO.apk 5.2.5
AirPin Icon Android TV Receiver Business Android TV Receiver Business AirPin_PRO_N1.apk 5.2.5
AirPin Icon Android TV Receiver LITE Android TV Receiver LITE AirPin_LITE.apk 5.2.5
AirPin Icon Windows PC Sender Windows PC Sender AirPinPcSender.exe 2.5.0
AirPin Icon Android Sender Android Sender AirPinCast.apk 3.0.2


Either sender app or receiver app in AirPin suite, will not bring any danger to your device, also will not get any of your information.

Sender app of AirPin suite(AirPinPcSender, AirPinCast) will request Network, Screen Recording, Audio Recording, Local Storage Reading, Volume Control permissions.

Receiver app of AirPin suite(AirPinPcReceiver, AirPin Professional, AirPin Business, AirPin LITE) will request Network, Media Playback, Volume Control permissions.

AirPin app is an implement of AirPlay, DLNA, Chromecast protocols, it connects small screen devices and big screen devices via a pipe setup in local network where the media play control commands are transfered. AirPin receive screen streaming or media streaming from small screen devices, then decode them and finally render the decoded graphics on the big screen. The final performance(smoothness, graphic delay, synchronicity of graphic and sound) of media streaming or screen mirroring is based on: the hardware performance of your devices, the stability of your wireless network(Brick wall between sender/receiver devices and wireless router, too many wireless routers around sender/receiver devices, will cause a poor wireless network and result in dropout or lag while media streaming or screen mirroring). We recommand you to choose a Quad-Core or higher CPU based receiver device, change to a newer wireless router and shutdown or reboot your wireless router periodicly to ensure the wireless network is stable.

If you met some difficult issues while using AirPin, please contact us.


1) User Information

We don't need or collect any of your personal information through any module of AirPin apps.

2) User Behavier

We don't need or collect any of your behaviers through any module of AirPin apps.

3) Device Information

We don't collect any of your device's informations through any module of AirPin apps(For example: IMEI, IMSI, MAC Address, App List, Serial Number, Android ID...). The app needs to access the Android OS version, MAC Address, Android ID and Hardware Model, because DLNA/AirPlay uses them as an unique identification in the local area network; and the app needs to query network state periodly to restart DLNA/AirPlay service if network changes.

4) Privacy Policy update

We have the right to update AirPin's Privacy Policy, please keep in touch with the latest content on this page.

5) Contact Us

If you have any questions with AirPin's Privacy Policy, please contact us.